Hollywood stars sometimes need to slim down in a hurry, whether it’s because they have an upcoming movie with lots of love scenes or simply because award season’s looming ahead. In recent years, cleanses—liquid-based diets focused on the consumption of minimal calories—have become the go-to quick-shape-up tool for everyone from Béyonce to Gwyneth Paltrow.

“Cleanses do offer a quick fix for dropping pounds,” acknowledges dietitian Marissa Lippert, RD, founder of Nourish NYC. Many celebs are drawn by the cleanse claims of losing weight while also giving users the feeling they’re flushing their bodies of the toxins accumulated during last weekend’s Margarita fest.

“Sensible cleanses are fine in the short term—a few days,” says Lauren Slayton, RD, a nutritionist and founder of Foodtrainers, a nutrition consulting company in New York City. “They can be a good way to hit the ‘reset’ button,” if you’ve been overindulging.

While experts caution against cleansing too long or too often, you can use these liquid diets like celebs do: to jump-start your long-term commitment to eating better.

We’ve looked at the top three cleanses favored by celebrities, breaking them down by how they work, duration, and cost.

Clean Program

Who Does It: Demi Moore and Mariska Hargitay
How It Works: This protein-based plan uses brown rice protein powder as the base for breakfast and dinner shakes as well as supplements designed to be consumed throughout the day. Like many other cleanse programs, the Clean Program allows participants to eat actual food for lunch—as long as the menu comes from a restricted list of approved ingredients.
How Long: Usually 21 days
Cost: $425 for the entire cleanse kit
Bottom Line: Founded by Alejandro Junger, MD, “this cleanse tries to establish long-term health habits,” says Keri Glassman, RD, a nutritionist in New York City and author of Slim Calm Sexy Diet. “But it also advises using colonics and laxatives, which may result in electrolyte imbalance.”


Who Does It: Sarah Jessica Parker
How It Works: BluePrint provides cleansers with six numbered bottles containing a range of green and fruit juices (e.g., beets-carrots-apples-and-ginger juice), to be sipped throughout the day. Users choose from one of three levels of intensity: Renovation, Foundation, or Excavation (as you “advance” in intensity, the cleanse is slightly more restricted in juice ingredients). Participants take in about 900 to 1,100 calories per day.
How Long: 3 to 5 days
Cost: $65 a day
Bottom Line: Like all these programs, BluePrint should not be considered a long-term diet but rather a relatively quick way to shed a few pounds while making you feel as though you were, well, cleansing your system. BluePrint claims an immune system boost and clear skin as two program perks, but the real payoff may be in the natural mood-lifting properties of the juice ingredients. “People feel good taking in fresh fruits and vegetables,” Lippert says. “But it’s not necessary to get these only in liquid form.”

Organic Avenue

Who Does It: Alicia Silverstone and Gwyneth Paltrow
How It Works: This vegan and organic cleanse has caught on with the eco-conscious crowd. (Its slogan is “LOVE: Live. Organic. Vegan. Experience.”) Clients purchase their juices—five or six a day—in reusable glass bottles after signing up for one of several levels of cleanse, ranging from full-liquid to some solid, raw foods.
How Long: 3 to 5 days
Cost: $250 to $350
Bottom Line: Nutritionists give extra props to this cleanse for going the all-organic, raw-food route. It offers adequate calories for a short-term plan, and the shakes taste good, according to Slayton. “I adore OA,” she admits. “It offers delicious smoothies and includes an option with food, so there’s actual chewing involved—a rarity in the cleansing world!”

You will notice one thing all these programs have in common – they’re expensive! They don’t need to be though, cleanses can be relatively cheap.

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