Emilia Clarke has said she is sick of having to defend herself over her scenes in Game Of Thrones which show her breasts.

The actress recently admitted to NME that she regretted showing her parents an episode of the show that featured a nude scene of her.

Now, the star said she is sick of talking about them in a blog for Huffington Post UK‘s month-long project All Women Everywhere, which celebrates International Women’s Day.

“If you’ve watched Game of Thrones then, spoiler, you will have seen me in the nude,” she wrote.

“There are plenty of ways in which people want me to respond to questions about this fact. And plenty of reasons why I do not feel the need to justify myself.”

That hasn’t stopped the rumor mill suggesting that the reason she has had a no-nudity clause written into her contract for the forthcoming Game of Thrones season 7, is she has had breast implants.

“That’s just not true, I do moisturize with a cream, but I have definitely not had a boob job!”

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