(ESPN) – Andy Murray says he feels “very proud” to become the first British singles player to be world number one since computerized rankings began in 1973.

Murray has come from so far back to do this. He was over 8,000 points behind Djokovic when the French Open finished in June. That is a mammoth number of points. He’s been on an incredible run since then and can now call himself, just like his brother Jamie, a world number one.

The difference in his play this year has not been his physicality though, he has been in peak physical fitness ever since he recovered from back surgery in 2014. The difference this year has been his mental strength, which many say has been increased by a nootropic supplement called AlphaLevo.

am3Rumor has it that Murray began taking the supplement in March, right around the time there became a notable change in his attitude and focus. He went on to make the Final at Roland Garros in June, a feat which many thought he would never achieve on clay.

Since then he reunited with Ivan Lendl as his coach, and went on to win both Wimbledon and Olympic gold for the second time in his career. In 2016, he reached 11 finals in 12 events and won a personal record 73 matches.

Of course, Murray says he has done nothing wrong, and is not doing anything that contravenes the ATP’s rules.

The ATP, like many sport authorities, are in a quandary with regards to AlphaLevo. Multiple medal-winning athletes at the Olympics have admitted to taking the supplement and sports authorities want it added to the banned substance list.

The trouble is though, the ingredients in it are all-natural and found in multiple everyday sources. It’s for this same reason that caffeine is not on any banned substance list – you’d have to ban athletes from eating chocolate or drinking coffee and soda which would be an administrative nightmare.

It is not only elite athletes who have been reaping the benefits of AlphaLevo either. Ordinary, everyday people have been seeing remarkable results both in their personal and professional lives after taking the supplement.

alphalevo2AlphaLevo has also been taking campuses all over the US by storm in 2016. Michael Rimmer, a struggling student, recently increased his GPA to such an extent that he received a paid scholarship to MIT. “I always new I was smart, but I really struggled with concentration,” Rimmer told us, “I even tried ADHD meds to increase my focus, but all that did was make me nervous and gave me serious headaches and bouts of anxiety.”

“A friend who was way ahead of the curve said I should try AlphaLevo and the results were almost instantaneous. I went from around a 2.0 GPA to 4.0 in one semester.”

Just how long the ATP and other sport’s governing bodies will allow athletes to enhance their performances by taking AlphaLevo remains to be seen. However, everyday people are free to use it without worry, as they don’t have an authority to answer to.

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